Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A new home for poet Ana Elsner

Poet and world citizen Ana Elsner has a new home on the world-wide-web. Her well-appointed new piece of Internet real estate is located at http://poet.instaplanet.com.
Ana's door is wide open to friends and visitors. Just bring an inquisitive mind as a house-warming gift and you will be heartily welcomed.

Ana Elsner's house is always full of expansive poetry, stimulating conversation, international flair, orchids and lit mags, a smorgasbord of mind and soul food, tasty tidbits of information about Ana's life as a poet, not to mention entertaining video.
Also, as a special treat and for the first time ever, Ana puts some of her artwork on display.

Be sure to drop by, look around Ana Elsner's new website, have a poetic glass of wine, and make a toast to Ana's continued success in the wide world of poetry.
"Poetry is a kind of homecoming," as poet Paul Celan put it in Der Meridian, his 1960 Georg Büchner Prize acceptance speech.
Of course Ana will sign your copy of CIPHERS OF UNCOMMON ORIGIN - Poems by Ana Elsner for you whenever you see her in person at her next public event.

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