Wednesday, October 7, 2009

POETRY (poem)

Ana Elsner starts most of her reading engagements with her poem titled POETRY, which is ideally suited to open the hearts and minds of her audience and prepare them for what is to come.


At first

you resist

its power

to throw you off guard,

to strip you

of your defenses,

but without poetry,

what else

could ever reveal

the universal

in the personal,

what else

could ever lift

the blindfold




© Ana Elsner

From CIPHERS Of Uncommon Origin - Poems By Ana Elsner, Volume I
[reprinted by permission]


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William H. Balzac said...

I love to read poetry, as well as write it. Thanks, for inviting me to your blog.


Anonymous said...

These lines of you moved me more than you might ever know, allow me silently to bow.

Poetry Journal said...


Yes, poems can get under our skin, can't they. That's the magic and power of poetry.

Poetry Journal

Delia Veldeke said...

Ana Elsner's poem 'Poetry' captures the essence of the subject in streamlined and passionate language.

I will put it on the reading list for my Contemporary Poetry class.

Delia Veldeke,
Essayist and Lecturer